EFT-Tapping Karate Chop Point


Emotional Freedom Technique 

Release, Relax, Heal

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I feel its important for a potential client to know who the person is, the facilitator of her/his releasing of negative emotions or traumatic past events


I am an energist, a person that vibrates energy and wishes to create a balance in my energy.. so i can have a life full of balanced beliefs, balanced thoughts and balanced emotional resonance, this is what we all ask for.. balance. This is why i love emotional freedom technique


It has definitely helped me, why don’t we try to do the same for you!!!

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Fear Related Issues

Stress & Tension




All Sessions carried out Via Online Media or Video Link.

Emotional Freedom Technique,     60 Minute Session        £45

Emotional Freedom Technique,     90 Minute Session       £60

"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

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What Clients Say


Joanne Baker - Chingford

For many years phil has helped me along the many hard roads I've experienced in my life ranging from emotional therapy and in depth self love healing, I've had many many life changes over the years marriage breakup broken home relationship issues jealousy and low self esteem just to name a few ! And I can honestly say sometimes without Phil's intervention on each occasion I'm not sure where mentally I'd be today, Phil has the most caring sensitive approach I would most defiantly recommend him.


Zoe Evans - Sevenoaks

Phil has helped me many times with his healing abilities and techniques. He is extremely skilled and determined in finding and managing the core issue (and others along the way). I would personally highly recommend Phil and give assurance that he is a nice practitioner to open up to.


Eleanor Graham - Norwich

Philip was very clear and professional with his healing and technique. Well done.