About Me

I feel its important for a potential client to know who the person is, the facilitator of her/his releasing of negative emotions or traumatic past events


I WAS A CHEF…well still am really

Up until I was 36 my full-time career was as a Professional Chef, 4-star hotels, fine dining and all that cheffy stuff that you hear about. Some chefs in the past had the temperament of a woken up Grizzly Bear, with a misplaced wooden spear in the middle of winter hibernation, if you didn’t get out of their way, these chefs would steam roll you.

What you hear is “Are you like Gordon Ramsey”, Professional Chefs didn’t feel he was acting anywhere near as angry and dangerous as some that have been running kitchens from the past.

Luckily these types of Chefs are not really welcomed in the kitchens anymore but the effects of these situations, cause once timid, shy and generally sensitive souls, to turn into people that can mirror these highly negative actions and then find themselves acting exactly the same way, when they come under pressure, they don’t really understand why they have begun to turn into the old head chef but they end up with very low feelings about themselves in private thought, as well as being treated with anger and frustrations from the front of house/back of house work colleagues.. it is a spiral that can cause great emotional pains..

This is why, many old chefs, some new maybe, turned to drinking in secret, to dull the hurt they feel.


Ataraxia Soul Food ltd


Ataraxia..."a state of freedom from emotional disturbance and anxiety; tranquillity", something you need to attain for moments of time in a busy kitchen.. trying to gain emotional freedom, so thought it would be an oxymoron, play on the situation of a busy kitchen


now to the next part of my tale..


I think it is very easy as someone who has an ability to facilitate change, in others, to want to keep it light and positive, so all the clients that look at the “ABOUT ME” page feels a type of confidence in the Practitioner they are looking to gain assistance from.


Some will say they have had hard lives but they have controlled or released all the negativity and they are working on a level that is safe and balanced... so you are in good hands… (good on them)


I have seen differently on my many encounters of therapy for myself.


So, let’s go into my story… I am happy to tell you... I know how you feel…


My life has been blighted with a sensitivity that has caused many dark days and even darker nights…has a great deal of inconsistency and imbalance in emotions, actions and a very rocky foundation to stay happy in life… BUT

I have also had support in the darkest times of my life, at the time I didn’t know or didn’t see it but it was there, someone staying a little later in the pub, to talk about stuff… that friend that knocks on the door, even though you don’t want to see anyone… all you need to do is look past your pain!!

I think You can always spend an absolute fortune on your drug of choice… mine was alcohol, from 18 years old until just before 30, i was an active drinker… not daily but when I drank, I didn’t hold back… if I could be the happy, confident, funny person for a few hours, then that’s what I needed to do… drink….

If I had a relationship problem… drink… upset some emotion inside myself… drink… annoyed someone and needed to forget... drink. Had a bad day in the kitchen… drink

I was far from an alcoholic but I was someone that at any stage I was getting a little low in mood… or didn’t know how to shrug it off. I would find a night of drinking, took that issue away.


You either become used to this and walk through the treacle of life... pushing forward, leaving destruction in all directions, or you find someone that might have the ability to understand your thoughts and feeling…


I am an energist, a person that vibrates energy and wishes to create a balance in my energy.. so i can have a life full of balanced beliefs, balanced thoughts and balanced emotional resonance, this is what we all ask for.. balance. This is why i love emotional freedom technique


It has definitely helped me, why don’t we try to do the same for you!!!